Firearms are logged into the FFL bound book under the customers name who drops the item off. If another authorized person intends to pick the firearm up, they must complete a background check at the customer's expense.

Odd Brothers Armory is an 07/02 FFL/SOT manufacturer. OBA is fully licensed and equipped to meet our customers' needs on all fronts. While many customers utilize OBA to fix and maintain their everyday shooters, we specialize in fully and semi custom jobs. We love to hear "I have this idea but haven't been able to find anything like it." Standard pricing is available below. Please contact us for a custom quote. 

General Gunsmithing 

Labor (Per hour with a 1/2 hour minimum)

Lathe/Mill Work (1/2 hour minimum)

Thread Rifle/Pistol Barrel (some models may require a disassembly fee)

Shorten and Re-Crown Barrel (add on only price)

Re-Crown Barrel 

Thread Shotgun for choke tubes

Install Indexed Muzzle Device

Install Non-Indexed Muzzle Device

Drill/Tap (per hole)

Basic Cleaning (per firearm/suppressor)


Mount/Level/Bore Sight (25yards)

Zero out to 100 yards (Does not include cost of ammunition)

Tigger Work 

Trigger Job. Rifle/Pistol (call for exact quote)

Replace and Fit

Stock Work

Replace (includes minor fitting)

Glass Bedding

Pillar Bed

Install Sling Studs













$50 - $200

$20 - $60